Brothers and Sisters both from home and in the diaspora are doing great jobs for the community that raised them by giving back. Nafiu is a community in the stretch of Dr. Hilan Lima Highway, a suburb between Nima and Maamobi. With their benevolent hearts the youth took it upon themselves to do something great for their community.

Speaking with Tea-Talk Africa, the coordinator of the projects Mr. Suraqa Mohammed Jaarah gave us an insight of how it all started. Stating it was an idea of the youths in the community both home and abroad who thought it to give back by way of health screening, scholarship programs to the brilliant but needful students and basically financial support in some instance. “Last year the first health screening kicked off, it was done quarterly, hopefully same will apply to this year own”. Mr. Suraqa added.

Coordinator of the Nafiu confidential cool base community health care assistance: Mr Suraqa Mohammed Jaarah

This year’s own commenced on Saturday 18th March and hopefully the rest shall follow in the course of the year 2023 and it was in a collaboration with the Islamic Medical Association of Ghana and Ryan Medical Centre.

Dr. Faisal Sulley is a member of the Islamic Medical Association of Ghana and he also emphasized, since it’s for a good course why not be part of it? That was why they also took it upon themselves to partner with their brothers and sisters from Nafiu to give health care to the community.

Dr. Faisal Sulley of Islamic Medical Association of Ghana and Ryan Hospital at his consulting desk

This year’s health screening was in parts of checking vitals, malaria, hepatize, Diabetics and there were strips that was used to check stomach ulcer as well. Aside all these checks, there are sections for free medical consultations.

Lab Technician Ayisha Mohammed

Ayisha Mohammed is part of the health workers in the community who also added , the project targeted the elderly but nonetheless everybody in community both old and the young are now beneficiaries. She also stated that most at times people in our local communities hardly visit the health centers unless the person is severely ill so bringing health care to their door steps is the best way to go.

Some of the beneficiaries going through their check ups

Lastly Mr. Suraqa Mohammed Jaarah also added that very soon they wish to extend this charitable work to the entire constituency. They’re also open to anybody with a philanthropical heart to come and support willingly to this good course.

We pray our brothers and sister who came up with this charitable work be blessed in every effort that are being channel in. May The Almighty Allah continue to bless them for every single cent.

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