Renowned Actor, David Dontoh has been featured in season six of American crime drama television series Snowfall, which was filmed in Ghana.

The sixth season of Hulu’s hit TV show Snowfall is partly set in Ghana, and spots a cameo from legendary Ghanaian actor David Dontoh.

Veteran Actor David Dontoh in white with Wanda and Leon in their beautiful Kente Apparel

The Season 6 of Episode 3, that scene where the reverend (David Dontoh) was speaking with Wanda and Leon was of our our history, “The door of no return”.

Actors Wanda and Leon during set life in Cape Coast

This has spark a lot of talks on social media and are congratulating the legendary actor on his contributions to projecting Ghana and Africa to the world.

All we can say now is Ghanaian are happy to see the motherland being sold to the world through film. This is also thanks to the National Film Authority on their project ” Destination Film In Ghana”. Soon we’re going to witness a line of hollywood films being shot in Ghana.

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