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Bizarre News reaching Tea-Talk Africa is that, the Safety Empire Gang are on rampage to smoke out an LGBTQ+ advocate and a mouth piece of the gays in Nima. A Muslim dominated area in a suburb of Accra Ghana. The gay and human right activist goes by the name Abdul-Aziz Yussif.

A member of the Yusif family, name withheld, in an interview with Tea-Talk Africa pours out his grieve by giving us details on how these deadly attacks begun on the ” LGBTQ+ Family as they’ve been tagged in the community. Always facing backlash and humiliation anytime they step out of the corridors of their home.

According to the family member, his nephew who goes by the name Ali Yussif was first killed by the Safety Empire gang somewhere in June 2021. On that faithful day, Abdul Aziz Yussif was out to run some personal errands and by the time he returned, he saw the lifeless body of his only brother lying dead with blood stains and bruises.

After several cry for help, an eye witness in the neighborhood narrated to Abdul Aziz Yussif on how the Safety Empire gang had a tip off that, Ali Yussif and his partner were in the room making love when the Safety Empire badged in and started hitting them both mercilessly with iron rods, and heavy sticks. Unfortunately for Ali Yussif, during the attack his partner was able to escape which he couldn’t so he died during the attack.

He continued by adding that, during the Christmas festive celebration in December 2022, Leeyat Yussif and her friends organized an LGBTQ+ party to commemorate the year in a very coded and secret location in Alajo. However the whole place was ransacked and shaken with fear of losing lives when the Safety Empire stormed the place. Every body present wasn’t spared with beatings as the lucky ones like Leeyat Yussif were able to escaped the gang’s uproar.

Since the Safety Empire gang promised to make the local communities free of LGBTQ+. They’ve become the watch dogs on LGBTQ+ activities and are ready to stake their lives on the line to make the zongo communities free from such activities. One more thing is that, this Safety Empire Gang have the backing of the community leaders at large.

Due to this reason, as continued by the family member, his nephew Abdul Aziz Yussif in 2019 as a human right activist contested in the assembly member position for the Nima-441 Electoral Area but lost due to the hate speech used against him during the campaign.

Poster of Abdul Aziz Yussif for the Assembymanship contest‘.

Giving out the details, the family member was chocked with tears and sadness as he continued. “My niece Leeyat Yussif was brutally killed in the end”.

At this point, he broke down in tears and after a brief break, he normalized as we continued the interview.

Early January 2023, Abdul Aziz and his sister Leeyat Yussif were returning from their daily routine activities when they were ambushed by the anti-gay Safety Empire gang with deadly weapons. Whiles the siblings were being attacked, nobody has the guts to stop the gang because of the fear instilled in the community by the gang. Unfortunately Leeyat Yussif was hit in the head with a brick which got her fall flat on the ground whiles Abdul-Aziz was fainted because of the beatings he received. The gang took off when they were sure that they’ve finished the sibling.

They were later rushed to the hospital by the help of some area guys but unfortunately for the family, Leeyat was pronounced dead on arrival.

When Tea-Talk Africa asked if Abdul Aziz survived the massacre? After a deep sigh, his answer was yes he did but his life has never been the same again because he was leaving in constant fear.

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