The former captain of the Ghana Black Stars who handled the captainship band and made the team qualified for two consecutive world cups ,Germany 2006 and South Africa 2010 Stephen Appiah has taken many aback with so many questions ringing in the minds of football lovers.

In an interview with a Kumasi based radio station Sompa Sports, the incredibly dedicated leader brought out some revelations because he’s not pleased with how things are being run by the management of team currently. He poured out his frustration when he was asked about how he sees the team currently and this was his answer.

Photo credit: Getty image ;Captain Stephen Appiah:

“One thing that’s painful is that some of us are very humble but when you know your value, you don’t mingle or do certain thing with some people in the football industry. We’ve helped before even if wasn’t enough “

He continued by adding ” there were times every player who had no interest in playing for the Black Stars and in those times I had to pay for player’s plain ticket to Ghana and there were times I had to pay winning bonuses as well” he concluded.

This revelations from the 42-year old got many Ghanaian wondering what was the key role of the FA then which happened to be under the leadership of Kwasi Nyatakyie.

Well your guess is as good ours , many will be glad to hear from the then FA people as well.

Story by: Mariam Abdul Samad Naggah

Source: Sompa Radio

Photo Credit: Getty Image

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