Last weekend the prestigious Ghana Music Awards UK went down at the Royal Regency in London. Where we saw loads of Ghanaian superstars and audience turning up for the event.

Awards were awarded to perspective nominees and in all we saw Shatta Wale going home with the ultimate award of the night, specifically the Artist of the year award.

That being done, after the show, Shatta Wale expressed his gratitude to his fan for voting massively for him afterwhich he also thank the organizers for paying him 80.000 Euros as performance fee.

But ace broadcaster Kwasi Aboagye debunk the SM Boss’s claims by calling him out on radio to stop the liars and that, there is no and show organizer that can afford that much to pay only one art.

Ace Broadcaster Of Despite Media Group: Kwasi Aboagye

That didn’t seat well with the self-acclaimed dancehall king as he bares his frustration on the entire Despite Media Group and it’s founders by descending hard on them with unprinted and unpalatable words.

One would have thought, that will be the end of the banter but no. The broadcaster came back hard by stating emphatically whiles still standing by his word calling the singer a liar and if the singer is being truthful then he (Kwasi Aboagye) is calling on the UK government to charge the organizers for tax invasion.

Writer: Mariam Abdul- Samad Naggah

Photos: Courtesy Facebook

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