The Duke of Sussex will soon launch his new book “SPARE” and prior to it ,he’s going on media tour including Page Six. The biography is set to be release on Tuesday .

Even though the world can’t keep calm on it. Some media outlet do have copies that has been shared to the world.

According to the inside story Prince Harry says he and his brother Prince William nearly brought to blows over Meghan his wife by calling her different, rude and abrasive.

Harry says ” William grab him by the collor, ripping his necklace before knocking him to the floor. The fight happened in 2019 in the kitchen at Nottingham Palace. Where Harry and Meghan leaved after they got married.

Harry continued ” I fell into the dadsoor which cracked under my back with the pieces cutting into me. I lay there for a moment, dazed then got up to my feet and told him to GET OUT! William turned and told me ,you don’t need to tell Meg about this”

Prince William

It seems the bombshell we saw in the Netflix docuseries “Harry And Meghan” wasn’t enough. Anyways we are going to keep in anticipation what “SPARE” has for us when it comes to the inside gist concerning the British Royal Household.

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