“I was sidelined in financial decisions, even though I am a trustee” That is what the general overseer of the Light House Chapel International Dag Heward – Mills said after withdrawing from the Board of Trustees of the National Cathedral.

Dag Heward – Mills, General Overseer Of Light House Chapel Int.

The controversies surrounding the National Cathedral project do not seem to be ending anytime soon. 

This is because more allegations are being leveled against the handlers of the project. 

A few days ago, the MP for the North Tongu Constituency Hon Samual Okudzeto Ablakwa who has been vocal about the project, alleged about some irregularities concerning the National Cathedral.

Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa

The latest person to add to these issues is the founder and presiding Bishop of the Lighthouse Group of Churches, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills. 

According to the respected preacher, even though he was a trustee and attended all meetings until his resignation, he was not involved to discussions on the financial and technical issues concerning the project.  

Amongst other issues of concern to him, the seasoned Bible teacher said weighty issues and decisions were taken by persons other than the Board of Trustees. 

According to him, these reasons compelled him to resign from the board even though he supports the building of the Cathedral. 

“I have been a reachable and available trustee and attended every single meeting of trustees since the pandemic began, in person and by zoom, and the records will show that. 

If I say that I, as a trustee, do not know many of the financial and technical issues concerning the Cathedral, it means the discussions about the National Cathedral were held by some people outside the trustees’ meeting or perhaps in a forum that I was not present or invited to.”

On the one hand, the National Cathedral is said to be a Government of Ghana project, with the government taking financial decisions. Yet, on another hand, at meetings, it is implied that the trustees have taken or participated in taking some decisions.”

The National Cathedral Project has been one of the controversial public issues, since the project was commissioned.

Apart from the questions of accountability repeatedly raised by the Minority in Parliament, there have also been concerns about the relevance of the project, in the face of the country’s current economic crisis.

There have also been conflict of interest including possession of multiple identities among other suspicious dealings allegations against the Secretary of the National Cathedral Board of Trustees, Rev. Victor Kusi-Boateng, who doubles as the founder of Power Chapel Worldwide. 

Source: My joy online

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