Words on the street and the ongoing rumors which is spreading like wild fire has it that, the actress cum TV personality has now moved out of her matrimonial home due to the attitudinal and physical abuse she constantly receives from her husband Mr. Maxwell.

Even though we see the actress doing her best to always keep us entertain from her TV shows and social media, reports has it that she’s going to through hills of depression.

Macbrown and husband Maxwell Mensah in their happy days

Early this week a blogger by the name those called celebrities let the cat out of the bag by detailing the current situation in Mac. Brown’s married life. Writing that, the actress has moved out of her matrimonial house over a month now because the side chick of her husband Mr. Maxwell, who goes by the name Serwa had moved in taking the role of the actress whiles performing a wifey role.

Sewer on the left, Maxwell in between and Nana Ama on the right

The recent development also has it that, Mr. Maxwell admits on cheating in several occasions. Starving Mac. Brown of sex, constant verbal and physical abuse. The actress feel disappointed even though she went through the knife for BBL to keep her husband. More over she fought hard to have him by trusting all her asset in his hands however her husband seem to careless as he badly wants out of the marriage.

Some are of the view it maybe because of the age gap, secondly the fame that is hindering his life because according to close source, Mr. Maxwell is a very private man who wants to keep every aspect of his life on the low but his wife’s fame is not being favorable to him.

Since it a developing story, we shall keep you updated has it unfolds.

Writer: Mariam Abdul- Samad Naggah

Photo Credit: Instagram

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