Mona 4real Reportedly Arrested And Likely To Face Ten Years In Prison

Ghanaian socialite and musician, Hajia 4 Real, is in more trouble as UK authorities are allegedly preparing to hand her over to the US for trial.

Hajia, real name Mona Montrage, was arrested by UK authorities on a recent trip to London. She was allegedly arrested in connection to fraud charges against her in the United States.

She has since been stuck in the UK, reportedly being held under house arrest with a GPS tracker fixed on her leg.

Somewhere last year Mona 4real after attending and performing at the Ghana Music Awards UK it was alleged that, the socialite was arrested at the Heathrow Airport with a sur-charge of a $8mil. fraudulent case.

This gathered information was widely circulated when host of entertainment review Kwasi Aboagye interviewed Mr. Kwasi Ernest a board member of the Ghana Music Awards UK. According to Kwasi Ernest, Mona was arrest by the UK authorities at the Heathrow Airport when she was about to returned to Ghana after the awards show but she was taken into custody and will later be sent to the US for investigations. But the socialite later came out to debunk all that allegations leveled against her.

Photo Credit : Facebook: Mona4real

Well latest information surrounding her case alleges UK authorities are preparing to hand Hajia over to the US.

If this happens, she’ll face trial on her alleged fraud charges and certainly faces jail time if found guilty!

The news has yet to be confirmed but as with almost everything surrounding this case, it is bound to get confirmation anytime sooner or later.

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