Following their win in their last game against God’s Talent FC, Mendez FC have shown how great and talented they’re when it comes to the game of football.

Striker Mohammed Sultan A. Wahab

The division three side brought their A-game last Saturday when they locked horns with Nima Kings FC. Mendez FC rode over their opponent by beating them. Hitting their net with three solid goals. In return Nima Kings FC replied with only two goals so in all, Mendez FC came out shinning brighter as they carried the day.

Left Back Abdul Rashid Nuhu AKA Big Daddy

Striker Mohammed Sultan A. Wahab did a great job when he shot the ball into the opponent’s net via a penalty kick around 15 minutes of play time in the first half. Just some few minutes into extra time of the first half, best back Abdul Rashid Nuhu A.K.A Big daddy scored a beautiful header which gave Mendez FC the upper hand before the first half came to an end. Prior to this victory , just a minute in the second half, our prolific striker H.A.K Carl scored to get us the third goal. Nima Kings later did their best but not enough to sustained them.

Striker H.A.K Carl

The match ended in favour of Mendez FC coming out with brighter colours as we close the curtains of the first round of the Accra North District Division Three League.

Story: Mariam Abdul Samad Naggah

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