Ghanaians were taken aback when news broke yesterday about how Multi Million Companies in Ghana namely B5 Plus LTD, Fabri Metal Company and Ferro Fabrik LTD own EGC millions of Ghana Cedis.

B5 Plus owed 42 million Ghana Cedis, when ECG officials got there to disconnect, they made a part payment of 16 million Ghana Cedis and then commited to settle 20 million Ghana Cedis by close of the week.

Fabri Metal Company was disconnect since they failed to make any payments. The company owes 28 million Ghana Cedis.

Ferro Fabrik Limited was also disconnected since they owe Electricity Company Of Ghana 18 million Cedis.

It’s created outrage when the public heard the news because ECG depends on this monies to be able to pay GRIDco for pawer supply. Ghanaians are of the view that ECG are being lenient when it comes to this multi companies including the government agencies.

With this public outcry we hope ECG up their game in their debt collections so it wouldn’t pile up.

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