Nana Dakrabo I, Mpuntuhene (Development Chief) of Akonoma in the Asebu Kingdom of the Central Region, is building a state-of-the-art film studio and production house, dubbed “Dakrabo 1 Studios” in Ghana.

Dakrabo I, who is a Los Angeles-born entrepreneur, has partnered with WEG Studios in Washington D.C., musician and producer Koby Maxwell, actor Michael Blackson, and other notable people to help bring the project to life.

The production house will cost an estimated $350 million and will be on a 321-acre land in the Central Region of Ghana, making it the first of its kind in Africa, according to Ghanaian American Journal.

Upon completion, Dakrabo 1 Studios will showcase seven soundstages, a 240-acre backlot, a blue-screen water tank, a recording studio, pre/post-production facilities, screening theaters, a concert hall, office space, a hotel forecast and crews, and most importantly, a film & music school. The production studio will garner a large number of productions from neighboring countries in an effort to capitalize on the African film market. The studio will also be looking to attract productions from around the world.
In regards to the educational offers within the studio, Dakrabo I stated, “Our education and technology partners are working together to create an educational experience that allows industry-leading educators from Los Angeles to teach virtually in Ghana. It’s critical that aspiring professionals are properly trained on best practices and techniques directly from the industry’s practitioners. This will allow professionals to create content at a calibre that rivals a Hollywood blockbuster.”

Furthermore, each building on the studio’s campus will be named after an influential African as a way of honoring and celebrating African unity in an effort to move the continent forward.

Source :GBC

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