The chairman of Afro Arab Group Of Companies Alhaji Abdul Salam Amadu on Monday 30th January breaks the ground for construction of a waiting room to commence at the Nima Police Station.

View Of Nima Police Station

The main reason for this philanthropical aim is to build a waiting room for the citizenry in the Nima enclave who access the police station anytime they come he said during and interview with Tea-talkafrica.

Chairman Of Afro Arab Group Of Companies, Alhaji Abdul Salam Amadu, breaking the ground for the commencement of a waiting area at the Nima Police Station.

“The police are doing their best in fighting crimes and it’s about time we step in to help, as a youth ambassador I’ve taken it upon myself to do my cotter when I was approached with the proposal by the District Command. Alhaji Abdul Salam Amadu in conclusion also added, since the police is our friend we the people of the community should also sometimes take responsibilities when it comes to fighting crime”.

That’s why he took it upon himself to contribute by building the Nima Police Station a waiting room to make it conducive for the community to report crime.

Mr. Abdul Fatahu Alhassan, AKA Mayor Of Nima, popularly Cash, appreciating the benevolent work of the young CEO of Afro Arab Group Of Companies.

In appreciation to what The Chairman did, the community leader who goes by the name Abdul Fatahu Alhassan, AKA the mayor of Nima popularly known as Cash thanked the young CEO for his benevolent contributions to the community at large. In addition he added that, on behalf of the chiefs and people of the community, They want to show gratitude to the CEO Afro Group Of Companies for helping the community anytime they come to his door step for help.

Photo of the Nima Police Command, chief and Afro Arab CEO.

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