Ghana will host Angola in the first-leg of the double header in Cape Coast on the 20th March before travelling to Luando for the second-leg on 28th March.

The Ghana Football Association named Chris Hughton as coach of the Black Stars on Sunday and will lead the team for the upcoming matches.

Prior to the game, Angola’s coach who goes by the name Goncalves granted an interview with Ghana Sports Page and he praised the ex-Brighton manager’s appointment but insists he is preparing for the Black Stars in March.

Further more, he added “Well, I have never met him personally. I have never been with him. Sure, we have a chance to cross each other. We haven’t talked to each other before but this is a chance to meet each in the AFCON qualifiers” he told Ghana sports page.

“He is an experienced coach and right now that he is in charge of the Ghana national team, I hope he is going to do a good job but my work right now is to create trouble for him”

“Yes, I hope we will have a fair match and then we will see but for now I wish to create trouble for Chris Hughton,” he concluded.

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