There was a food poisoning that rock the township of Oyibi in the Greater Accra Region that landed almost about 40 people in the Valley View Hospital and then ended the lives of 5 persons last friday. Tea- Talkafrica has learnt.

The sad story occurred last week by was reported this morning, the precise food that cost 40 people to be in the hospital and claimed 5 lives was “Waakye” which was sold at a popular food joint that goes by the name “Yellow Sisi Waakye And Omo Tuo Special” in the enclave of oyibi, a suburb in Accra.

Whiles the 40 are battling for their lives in the hospital, the unfortunate ones that couldn’t survive the test of time are, the waakye seller herself, a pregnant woman, a lotto operator amongst others.

Our condolence goes to the bereaved families of the dead and then may those at the hospital get well soon. “PrayersUp”

4 Steps to Prevent Food Poisoning:

  1. Clean. Wash your hands and work surfaces before, during, and after preparing food. …
  2. Separate. Separate raw meat, poultry, seafood, and eggs from ready-to-eat foods. …
  3. Cook. Cook food to the right internal temperature to kill harmful bacteria. …
  4. Chill. Keep your refrigerator 40°F or below.

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