The Christian Council Of Ghana is grieving about the Debt Exchange Program which the government is trying to impose on the Ghanaian bond holders.

With all the brouhaha, the Christian Council has also waded their opinions on the topic by calling for the suspension of the program. Saying it will jeopardize the finances of the church members. Adding it shall affect the tithing and offering negatively.

The General Secretary of the Council Rev. Dr. Cyril Gershon Kwao Fayosi speaking in an interview with Joy FM lamented that, in the case of the debt exchange program, he entreat the government to adopt other measures to solve the economic crisis rather than going for the neck of the bond holders.

Photo Credit by google : Rev. Dr. Cyril Fayosi, General Secretary of the Christian Council.

He feather added that, Christians are troubled by the exchange program which poses danger to Ghanaian investors as some of them depend on the interests on their investments for survival.

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