Veteran Ghanaian rapper Obrafour AKA rap sofour has taken a legal action against Drake, the CEO of OVO.

The celebrated rapper his alleging that somewhere last year in June 2022, Drake mailed him to sample a verse in his hit single “OYE OHENE” however he didn’t replied the mail but was marveled when Drake unveils his album titled “Honestly Never Mind’ and in one of the track “Calling My Name” had his verse sounding in it without his permission. In the beginning of oye ohene is a verse, “KILL THE CAT” and same applies to Calling My Name. That’s why he’s suing Drake for $10million.

Ayisha Modi, Drake and Obrafour

Amidst all the suing brouhaha, the producer of the of the said song Oye Ohene and the CEO of Chalewote Festival Mantse Aryeequaye took to social media to also challenge Obrafour for not paying for the same record he produced for him and because of that the rapper cannot claim the ownership rights of the song. Ayisha Modi popularly known as she luvs stonebwoy is demanding for the money she also spent on the album which the oye ohene song was on from the veteran rapper Obrafour.

Story: Mariam Abdul Samad Naggah

Photo Credit: Facebook

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