MENDEZ FC was established in November 2022, the team is made of very talented vibrant youth driven players at the 3rd Division from Kanda which is part of the Zone 1 out of the 6 zones.

The exuberant team which’s made of 40 players will lace their boots to showcase their football skills at the soon to be kick-off 3rd Division Zonal League in the Accra North District.

Since MENDEZ FC is from Kanda and part of the Zone 1 category they shall be battling it out with their contingents from other parts of the Accra North District namely Nima, Kotobabi, Maamobi and New Town says Mr. Yussif Abdul Aziz one of the founding members.

Photo Credit: MENDEZ FC; The team in their away kits

In an interview with Tea-talkAfrica, Mr. Yussif Abdul Aziz gave us a brief history of how MENDEZ FC came to existence.

According to him, it was a dream the founding members natured about three years ago but they took their time to put proper structures in place.

MENDEZ FC in their home kit

After a long period of justify inclusion from the juvenile football, a final called up was put in place of 40 talents in the world of football. Amazingly 90% of them are under the ages of 18, that’s how the dream finally matured into reality by giving birth to MENDEZ FC in 2022.

“The main aim of creating the club is to help elevate the football talents in their community. There are a whole bunch of young football talents in the community that goes to waste because of lack of support and development”, he added.

Two of the founding members: Alhaji J. S. Mukhtar Mende on the left and Yussif Abdul Aziz on the right

With decades of experience from the club’s officials and managements team in the Ghana and the world at large in the football fraternity, their goal is to give the young talents opportunity to explore by working hard on the field.

The team and the officials

With motivation, dedication and hard work, the club’s objective for now is to make it out of the 3rd Division to the 2nd Division since they will be taking one step at a time regarding MENDEZ FC.

Since the 3rd Division League will kick-off on Saturday 18th February 2023, we wish MENDEZ FC the best on their journey for success.

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